Monday, September 10, 2007

I've got a new job in Amsterdam!

It’s about time I wrote to update all my fellow job seekers that I’ve got a job in Amsterdam! I’ve been sorted for about 4 weeks now and I’m going to be working at Philips from the 24th September. In the end I didn’t find the role through a recruitment agency but managed to sort it out all by myself. Originally, I’d applied for a different job at Philips and had interviews at the beginning of the summer. I was disappointed that they turned me down for that role, but they later came back to me with a different role, which is more suited to me anyway.

So my recommendation, after limited success using recruitment agencies, is to trawl through company sites and apply directly for everything. By all means meet with the agencies, and go to any interviews they do get for you (I had about 5 through agencies) but in the end I was better off on my own.

For a head start on finding international jobs/companies in Amsterdam, don’t forget my useful list of companies, check out their vacancy boards and apply today!:

Good luck to anyone else out there that is searching!


Julia said...

Congratulations! I am moving to Amsterdam in December and your tip and list of companies is such a help - thank you!

Anonymous said...

As an American with no Dutch speaking skills looking for a job in Amsterdam, I must ask.

Is it difficult to find employment?

Sarah de Mul said...
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Sarah de Mul said...


There are actually lots of jobs for Native English speaking people in Amsterdam. It just depends what field you work in and, of course, it helps if you can build up a network of contacts here quickly. I got a job after 12 weeks of searching, and it was exactly the job I was looking for, but temporary. Then, once I had that job it was easy to find a permanent version. Just stay focused on what you want, but be flexible in finding your way there.

I have to say, now I'm working, that being a native English speaker has many more advantages than I ever thought it would have. I'm almost the only one in a large department of people and everyone loves asking me for English advice and I feel like a strong communicator in the team!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Nice one!
Gives me faith. Me and my partner have been here just over a month now. It took us that time to get a flat and now the job hunt is a photog/artist I dont seem to be getting far but hey..happy days!!

amy said...

Hi Sarah, your blog is great thanks for all the info on job hunts etc. I have just started reading your blog as I have just moved to amsterdam, so you may have addressed this elsewhere, but may I ask which recruitment agencies you went through?


Sarah de Mul said...

Hi Amy,
There are a couple of agencies I met with:

- O'connell marketing - but these are only for marketing positions
- New People

However, in the end, I found it easier to apply directly to job opportunities on company websites. For a good list of all the international companies in Amsterdam check out my list:

Good luck!