Thursday, June 14, 2007

International Companies based in Amsterdam

The international companies below are listed in alphabetical order. They have all posted English-speaking job opportunities, based in Amsterdam, on their websites recently.

ABN Amro
Alliance Boots
American Express
Avery Dennison
Canon Europa
Corporate Express
Foot Locker
Forrester Research
Golden Tulip Hotels
IKEA Group
Intercontinental Hotels
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Kyocera Mita Europe
Marriott International
Mitsubishi Motors Europe
Novo Nordisk
Sara Lee
Tribal DDB
Tommy Hilfiger
UPC Europe

If I've missed any of the international companies in Amsterdam please let me know and I'll add them to the list. Please provide a URL to the job vacancies pages and I'll add that too.



Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! your research is greatly appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Here's another one:

Anonymous said...

Genzyme Europe BV, based in Naarden.

Anonymous said...

Another one: based in Schiphol-Rijk and has many openings...

Anonymous said... based in Schiphol-Rijk

Anonymous said...

NCR, based in AMS. They recruit through third parties, but they are worth checking out, as they are always looking for support people for their many helpdesks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
I have another company for your list!! It's an internationally operating Telecom company looking for independent representatives from different countries. Check out our website:

Unknown said...

HI Sarah
Great research. Tell me, how is your situation now? How painful/less was it to find employment?

Craig said...

Nice idea Sarah. I too am looking to contact International companies here. The was another website that I had with international jobs on offer, I'll send it to you when I find it.

Craig said...

here's the link

Sarah de Mul said...

Hi all, Thanks for your comments and for leaving more links for the list.

Craig - I've seen the jobs in Amsterdam link before, it's certainly much better than anything else out there, but it's not really too reliable either. I'm not sure if it's a human or a bot that does the search to generate the list, and many of the jobs displayed are not available, or at least not as good as they seem from first glance at this site.

People, such as Charles, and other through Facebook etc are now asking me a lot whether I'm now in work and how easy it was getting there. Well I am working at the moment, but on a 3-month contract. I'm at a large internation company and working in a very cosmopolitan team. It suits me down to the ground, but it's not permanent. So I am still on the look out for another permanent job. So I'm attending interview once a week (at least) and this of course bites into my work week at the other company. But they are very understanding there as I was honest with them from day 1 that I was really looking for a permanent position.

I've been made one offer at a company in Amsterdam, but although they are very global in structure I think they are almost TOO global. My manager would be in Chicago and my local mentor in Cyprus. I've wrestles with the decision whether to accept their proposal or not and in the end it's come down to my wish to work in a very tight team again, and this company just can't offer me that. I've realised, just this weekend in fact, that the main reason I want to work in a tight team, in a busy HQ office in Amsterdam is that, as a new expat, meeting new people (potential friends) is so very important to me.

I can't say much now, as I don't want to jinx it, but I've had two interviews with a company in Amsterdam that really really fits my dreams (as above) and fingers crossed they will make me an offer soon........FINGERS CROSSED!!!!

noname said...

well done Sarah! you are better the our friend MILO, i search "international companies amsterdam" and your page was first in google! well done!

Anonymous said...

epson is in amsterdam too:

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,

Thank you soo much for sharing your research with us :D. I am currently studying IBMS and looking for an international internship. Thanks to you I was able to send my application to various international companies in Amsterdam. Anyways I wish you all the best!

Kind Regards,


Anonymous said...

btw you should try this site

Scroll down, you will see the following 3 pfd files: American companies, Asian companies and European companies

It's a list of all the international companies based in Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Almere


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your research it has been really helpful. I will be graduating in December and am looking for an internship in Amsterdam for 6 months before Graduate School. Any suggestions?

Sarah de Mul said...

Hi Anonymous,
Great that you choose Amsterdam for your internship, I'm sure you'll love and want to come back after grad school.

I suggest you check the vacancy boards of all the companies I listed here to see if they have intern contracts going. I don't know your specialism, so I can't be any more specific than that!

Regards, Sarah

my opinion said...

Hello Sarah, thanks a lot for this site! I have a question, when one has an American university diploma which is not 'doctor' or 'teacher' or 'engineer' or something like 'that'... but a more vague diploma, how does one look for a job? for example, if one wants to be a secretary or a receptionist (having had experience) or an editor in a publishing company (since one has a univ. diploma which goes with the field)...are those what they call the 'trefwoord'? Thanks a lot. Marina

Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton for this Sarah. i'm trying very hard to move from Geneva, Switz to Amsterdam this year but I find looking for work from aboard very difficult. Do you have any tips/ advice on approaching local (international) companies?

magiawonder said...


Your site is a welcome bit of encouragement. I'm a non eu natiional and currently "vacationing" in amsterdam as i look for career opportunities. I attended school here and well have gathered quite a bit of experience since but the obvious problem i face is not having a work permit. Is there any advice you can give in terms of where i should look other than contacting said companies directly and the mail order dutch bride services :)?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sarah for sharing all these tips and thoughts about working in a new compamies while trying to make some new friend relationships. I hope your recent interviews went well.

Here is another one: General Electric:

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah! First of all thanx for the list of international companies based in Amsterdam. Myself, I am thinking of moving to Amsterdam, so I am just getting started with the search of jobs and appartment.

As you already went through this process, I just wonder what you could recommend for smb who is just in the beginning of it.

I currently live in Sweden but would like to move to the Netherlands. Where should I start looking for an appartment and a job? How did you find your appartment?


Anonymous said...

Thanks a million, Sarah!


Mada said...

Sarah, your list helped me a great deal with my 2nd semester marketing project. Thank you very much.

Happy New Year,

Dawnie Cheek said...

really great list - thanks!