Sunday, May 27, 2007

Jonathan Ross (UK) vs Robert Jensen (Netherlands)

These are two men which can’t physically be in the same room together at the same time, a bit like Clark Kent and Superman, or more like Father Christmas and Sinterklaas.

They’ve got much more in common than just their initials, which are the same but reversed, to put you off the suspicion that they are genetically (or financially) linked.

They both have late evening talk shows:

They have the same floppy hairstyle and have never-ending wardrobes of garishly bright clothes.

They both laugh at their own jokes.

Both men can be counted on to appear in mini adverts for their own shows in the gaps between the four shows preceding theirs.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you haven't received that many posts on the last few blogs. They're very nice to read and well-observed, thank you! Especially the one about the AH way of shopping and the ten nice things about living in Holland were fun to read. At the end of your post about the sirens, there is nog possibility to give a reaction, that's why I'm doing it here. To solve a mystery.. : In the beginning when the sirens came, there was a testing every month, just like now. When new sirens came with a new sound, the ones which are in use right now, it wasn't tchnically necessary anymore to test them every month, so just like Switzerland, we changed to a testing schedule of onze a year. But it turned out that the peolple became inalert for the sirens and didné really respond to them when they alarmed. So now more to keep us sharp than for the systems, it was decided that we'd go back to a test once a month and so it happened...
Thanks once again for your blogs; with one dutch friend living in London and an English friend visiting me here once a year, the Englisch-Dutch relationship is also for me very inspiring. So please keep up the writing..

Sarah de Mul said...

Hi Jeroen, thanks so much for your positive comments and your encouragement!
It's interesting what you say about the sirens, and that people became inalert to them when they were tested only once a year. I haven't really seen many people actually physically react to a monthly siren, most Dutch people seem to ignore them! Yesterday I was on a coach of people going from Schiphol-Rijk to the airport and the sirens went off. All the buitenlanders around me commented on it and wondered why our bus was still going into the airport while such a warning signal was sounding. I'm not surprised they felt this way.
Anyway, keep coming back to my blog, I hope to be able to give more time to it. And send the URL to your Anglo-Dutch friends!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I already have told them about your blog of course..
Funny that Greenwheels has promoted your site as well on the frontpage. That's how I came here.
About the alertness.. I think people have indeed lost their believe in the possibility of real danger here; especially if it's only announced by a system. (And most alarms are false indeed..)