Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm not rich enough to drink Ribena

I ran out of Ribena stock around about Easter time. My friends and family can no longer easily bring it to me in the plane from England for risk of being arrested as terrorists or having all their clothes dyed purple.

Local supermarkets don't really have an equilavent in Holland (see previous post: Things that cannot be bought at my local Albert Heijn) so I thought I'd check the Internet for any shops or online stores where I could order a new batch in.

I found an online shop: Thomas Green's. The downside is I'd need to pay 8 Euros per 1 litre bottle. If I restocked for 6 months worth of supply I'd be kissing goodbye to 100 Euros or so.

I'm not sure it's worth it. I'd be better off drinking posh wine all the time.


TextualHealing said...

But you can buy Cassis as a fresh soft drink- sam ething more or less

Anonymous said...

There is a British shop in Amsterdam on Rozengracht and last time I was there they sold Ribena! We don't want you to have any withdrawal symptomes!